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Private Chef Volker Montréal, QC, Canada

German Italian Trained Chef

Personal Chef # 6924

Cooking style
Authentic foods from different countries
I started to cook at a young age. At the age of 15, I did an apprenticeship as a Pastry chef in Bonn German. After this, I studied in Italy. Shortly after, I immigrated to the USA and worked there for several Hotels before moving to the US Virgin island where I opened Ristorante Baci's, an upper Class Norther Italian Restaurant. After 2 hurricanes, I closed and moved back to the US mainland where I started to teach Pastry arts at the New York restaurant School, which then became the Art institute of NYC. Now, I am the owner of Bagel St. Henri in Montreal (for 6 years), where I specialize in Breakfast, Brunch, Bagels and european Style Breads. Also, we have several evening events, two German and one Mexican. All food is authentic to the country and it is not in any way Canadian style.
American, Caribbean, Europe, Italian, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Volker
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What would you like?

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