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Gastronomy is a combination of culture and art.

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I am originally Asian but I live in North America. I am familiar with the different cuisines from East to West including Italian, French, American, Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, and vegetarian. For me, gastronomy is a combination of culture and art. The cuisine I make is inspired by diversified recipes to which I add a little creative touch to create unique experiences. In order to improve the overall flavors and experience, I like to use local and seasonal ingredients.
Culinary school diploma. I have been cooking professionally for over 13 years in China and Canada. Cooking has been my greatest passion since I was very young. I opened my first restaurant, an Irish Pub, and then the Chinese Hot pot restaurant. I treat them like my babies. I use my heart to cook and I put all my love to fulfill the customer's requests and exceed their expectations. That's all I want! I am a self-motivated professional with outstanding skills. I have worked in luxury hotels and as a sous-chef at a gourmet restaurant in Montreal. I discovered how much I love to learn from the culture of a country by its culinary practices. I also won Canadian national culinary competitions.
Chinese, French, Fusion, Italian, Molecular, Vegan
Chef Ru
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What would you like?

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