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Private Chef Michael Montréal, QC, Canada

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Personal Chef # 211

Cooking style
Having worked in several different styles of restaurants and worked with hundreds of culturally different backround cooks. My stylex range from western european to asian cuisine passing through the islands and back around southern states stopping in mexico for a churro and colombia for coffee :)
Cooking since 13 years of age professionnaly. Worked in a variety of establishements here in montreal (peche peche, rib n reef, queue de cheval, portus calle, pied de cochon, primo e secondo, buona notte catering to name a few) to france in a relais chateau and vancouver discovering new trends and styles. For the last three years i've been a part of the notorious Grinder on notre-dame where i've hustled through the grinding nights, pun intended, and the labour intensive work that requiresfor the kitchen to run. After piloting the ship in 2015. Ive retired my nightime schedual for a more balanced day shift at the grinder where you can currently experience part of my craft monday to friday lunch time at Grinder.
BBQ, Decadent, Europe, French, Fusion, Italian
Chef Michael
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Raw bar

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What would you like?

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