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Private Chef Benjamin Montréal, QC, Canada

Cook with love and passion or don't do it

Personal Chef # 1083

Cooking style
I love to use the best ingredients available in the market , and I cook following my heart and senses , I get inspiration on my grandmas cooking and my Mexican background , but I'm not afraid of mixing and making a fusion of aromas and flavours between the different culinary cultures around the world
I've been working in the Culjnary industry for 16 years , it started as a hobby and it turned into a passion , I worked in different restaurants in my country Mexico, and since I arrived to Montreal I've put a lot of effort in developing my skills, techniques and flavours !! This effort gave me already 2 positions as executive chef and 6 positions as sous chef , between my experiences in Montreal there is Aqua Restaurant-Bar, Zibo, Vertigo Stk-Bar Montréal , Carlos&Pepe's and Circos at the Hilton Garden Inn
American, Europe, Fusion, Italian, Latin, Mexican
Chef Benjamin
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What would you like?

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