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Private Chef Steve Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

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Personal Chef # 1529

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Canadian with formal French and Italian culinary education
Hello, my Name Is Steve. The first thing I can remember cooking was 'Campbells, Vegetable Soup'. I was 9 years old. Looking back, at the experience, one has to laugh. First off, I was nine, at home alone baby sitting my younger brother, (he was 4), and we were both hungry. Our parents were next door at the neighbours playing cards and had left us with plenty of chips, crackers and fruit to eat, but we wanted soup. I knew how the stove worked – sort of, and could read the label so I figured why not. Lets have soup. To this very day, Campbell's vegetable soup cooked until scalding hot, with lots of pepper, are go to comfort foods for both me and my brother. I dress mine a little different than he does these days, but the connection we both share with that simple dish is a good example of how simple food done just how you like it, strikes a chord in your soul that lasts a lifetime. I've since gone on to achieve Red Seal certfication, work in some of Western Canadas finest restaurants, and learn from some great chefs, all the while remembering that every dish I create has the capability to become another persons timeless memory, and deserves the utmost respect in preparation and execution. I cant wait to do the same for you.
Asian, Caribbean, Decadent, French, Health, Italian
Chef Steve
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What would you like?

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