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Private Chef Logan Kitchener, ON, Canada

My tag line is your home, Your table. My culinary at its best.

Personal Chef # 1159

Cooking style
I love to cook different proteins like duck or boar, To me they have to be cooked to perfection and have a great pallet with them. Pasta is one of my strong points weather its homemade noodle to quick and easy. I love using a grill and doing allot of fresh vegetables and get really innovative and creative with my plating.
I have worked in a few restaurants in the last two years now and I just couldn't get the chance to really show off my flair the way I would like too. I have mostly dealt with high end bars and grills like Studabakers Beachside grill. I have worked franchises like Boston Pizza and there is no room for changes there. So I am looking to expand my culinary experience and push forward now on to the next chapter of this career.
American, BBQ, Chinese, Fusion, Health, Italian
Chef Logan
What would you like?

What would you like?

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