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Private Chef dshea Brampton, ON, Canada

A Bespoke culinary experience tailored for a disearning palate

Personal Chef # 48738

Cooking style
My educational background is extensive in culinary training with knowledge in Classical, French, Itailian, Vegan, Asian and Caribbean Cuisine. I am extremely skilled at putting my own stamp on traditional dishes, creating new combinations and experimenting with new flavors while being careful not to compromise the freshness and originality of the food I prepare.
I am a creative, enthusiastic, hardworking chef with a passion for food and lots of experience working in busy restaurants including a vast amount of experience in private residences estates and private islands/cays. As a private chef I have had the opportunity to provide meals at upscale dinner parties for high end clientele ranging from as small as 2 persons to 150 persons.
American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Decadent, Europe
Chef dshea
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What would you like?

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