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Private Chef Milan Barrie, ON, Canada

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Personal Chef # 1465

Cooking style
My cooking style is always a different and unique from the beginning. I said different and unique because I always do experiments with my recipes and flavours. I believe if I'm gonna serve unexpected flavours to my guests than they can experience little bit different. I work with all kind of flavours and almost all kind of cuisine. And main thing is my background is Indian and because of that I'm famous for bold and spicy flavours but don't worry I'm also familiar with Canadian and American cuisine (which are not bold flavours!!) Personally Mexican cuisine is favourite.
I've more than 10 years of experience in the industry. I have my own restaurant in India. I've experience from small food cart to the 3 star multi cuisine restaurant. I started working in this industry as an prep cook and buy the time I learnt from my great chefs and mentors. By the time I got promoted as line cook, lead line cook, 1st cook, sous chef and now I'm head chef in local restaurant in Barrie Downtown. I learnt a lot in the past about multi cuisine and I believe that food is my identity. I'm very famous for my bold flavour in the food.
American, BBQ, Fusion, Greek, Indian, Mexican
Chef Milan
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What would you like?

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