Private Chef Marlon Barbados

The Sushi King!

Personal Chef # 20208

Cooking style
Currently, I'm into Asian and Japanese cuisine. I am also versatile in different cuisines.
I started out at the culinary school in Barbados and then I worked six months at Walt Disney World. After this, I returned home and started to work for a resort before it was bought by Sandals Resort and Spa where I worked for about two years until I got another opportunity as a chef de partie with Sugar Bay Hotel Resort and Spa. I am currently working there now as a Junior Sous Chef. I've been working as a sushi specialist for the past two years. I also did live show cooking for a year at Sandals. I love what I do and wouldn't give it up for the world.
Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, French, Fusion, Vegetarian
Chef Marlon
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What would you like?

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