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Private Chef Gloria Tamborine Mountain, QLD, Australia

You always cook thinking about someone, otherwise you are just preparing food.

Personal Chef # 28439

Cooking style
Authentic home made Italian cuisine. Specialized in fresh home made pasta: gnocchi, cannelloni, lasagna, ravioli, fettuccine, and Italian style finger food.
I am Italian, and cooking has always been a life style for me. In my small restaurant on Tamborine Mountain, I cook for my customers like I cook for my family, with love, and they really appreciate it!
Chef Gloria
Deluxe Menu

Deluxe Menu

$ 89.68 /guest    10 and more
Menu Roma

Menu Roma

$ 83.78 /guest    10 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more