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Private Chef Laura Newtown, NSW, Australia

West Coast Whole Foods Personal Chef & Caterer

Personal Chef # 58273

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At The Good For You Gourmet, we believe it is a chef's responsibility to provide health supporting, delicious food using seasonal, local whole foods ingredients. Through our personal chef services, we do exactly that, working with our clients to create menus that meet their dietary needs, then we shop and cook nutritious delicious meals for them in the comfort of their own homes. Menu plans feature free-range and un-medicated meats, dairy and eggs, heritage grains, unsprayed/organic produce, and whole foods sweeteners in West Coast style, Ayurvedic, Okinawa & Mediterranean fare. We also have vegan, vegetarian and multiple allergy diet plans available, including gluten-free for Celiacs. 
When Chef Laura Moore began her career as a whole foods personal chef in 1998, during her time as the ‘Recipe Creator’ for the Fresh Piks Organics weekly newsletter, her loyal following of recipe lovers began asking her to cook for them, privately and for special events. Her passion for making and eating wholesome, natural foods, and deep green interest in the earth-friendly practices of recycling and composting soon blossomed into Victoria’s first green, whole foods personal chef and caterer. We offer whole foods based West Coast style menus to our personal chef and catering clients in Southern Vancouver Island, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands.
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Chef Laura
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What would you like?

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