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Private Chef Joseph Anguilla

Passionate & Talented Chef

Personal Chef # 24172

Cooking style
I develop menus in various culinary styles, providing local, classic English, French, European, American cuisine and in special dietary needs, designed to attract patrons based on quality, variety, and more.
For over 12 years, I have enjoyed creating high-quality, creative, and dynamic food for discerning clients. Within this experience, my greatest personal reward has been working with high net worth individuals, serving as their private chef. In particular, I possess the flexibility to develop meals no matter the locations on Private yachts and private jets or at their villas for this reason, some of my clients chose to hire me as they travelled. As a private chef, I can easily adapt to different diets and personal preferences, especially considering my wide breadth of culinary styles. I enjoy the challenge of creating menus for entertaining events and can handle everything from a multi-course formal dinner party to lavish fundraisers for several hundreds, not to mention the casual get-together for friends and family. In the end, my greatest reward comes from knowing my clients / guest received the best possible service and a meal that exceeded their expectations, regardless of the setting.
American, Asian, Caribbean, French, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Joseph
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What would you like?

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