9 unique ideas for his 30th birthday party

9 unique ideas for his 30th birthday party

Is your crush or husband's birthday arriving fast, and there’s nothing organized yet? Don’t worry because we’re here to help you with these 9 unique birthday party ideas. 

How can I make my boyfriend's 30th birthday special?

1. Birthday wish at 12:00 am

You only turn 30 once so it's important to enjoy the 24 hours of your special day. Either by coordinating with his friends or by making it an intimate moment, letting your boyfriend know he is valued and appreciated at 12:00 am is a lovely way for him to start the next decade of his life. If you know the exact time at which he was born, ask his friends to send him a message at that precise time for a symbolic moment.

30th birthday ideas for your husband

2. Bake his favorite cake 

His 30th birthday party can be made more special by baking a birthday cake for him! Now, if you are not a pastry expert and cannot make a perfect cake, don’t worry as there are plenty of easy recipes online. You can even watch a Youtube video and follow how a chef bakes a cake step by step. If you really want to surprise him, you can even book a cooking class with a personal chef.

3. Plan a visit to the movie theater

After 2 years of pandemic, movie theaters are finally open to enjoy movies while eating overly salted popcorn. You could surprise him by having his friends also seated elsewhere in the movie theater for the same representation! Make sure there’s a movie of interest currently being screened. If your boyfriend’s birthday is in the summer, you can take him to an outdoor cinepark!

4. Hire a personal chef

A gathering with friends and family is a must to fully celebrate his 30th birthday. This implicitly means food! Whether you make it into a BBQ day or a late-night wine and cheese, hiring a personal chef for the night is a great idea if you want to impress everyone’s taste buds.

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5. Surprise him with 30 gifts for his 30th birthday party

Surprising someone with 30 gifts for their 30th birthday party requires some organization, skills and coordination. The day should begin with the main gift of course, but throughout the day there could be gifts at work, in the car, and even in the bathroom! Alternatively, you can surprise him with a pile of 30 gifts when he wakes up.

6. Surprise cooking class party for the birthday boy

If the celebrated person is a lifelong foodie and loves to learn about fine cuisine just as much as gourmet fast food, then a surprise cooking class party is the perfect idea. Think about what dish he would love to learn to cook. Is it Texan barbecue, Peruvian ceviche, or a vegan cooking class? MiumMium is equipped to fill your plate.

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7. Make his birthday more special with a personalized gift

A personalized gift can be difficult to come up with since it requires being attentive throughout the year! It’s important to remember past discussions and think of the things they really want to get their hands on. This could be a particular book or a spa certificate, but it must be an item or service of interest. You really want to go for those things that will make them look at you and think “is she in my brain?”. You can also personalize a t-shirt for him or make a scrapbook of all the memories you have together. 

8. Romantic candlelight dinner

A candlelit meal is a great way to convey how much you care about him on his special day. To express how much you care for your partner, take him to his favorite restaurant for a candlelight dinner. If you want something more intimate, you can bring the chef over to your place and turn your home into a restaurant!

9. Arrange a trip with him

A perfect opportunity for you guys to enjoy his 30th birthday is to plan a trip. It does not matter whether it is a short break, a camping trip, or just an outing. The only thing that matters is that you stay together and enjoy every moment. Browse online to find tickets to the places your partner wants to visit and book them. You can also throw him a birthday party during your trip. 

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