Nutrition app | Swiitch, the good food plan

Nutrition app | Swiitch, the good food plan

What is a nutrition application?

A nutrition app helps you follow a healthy diet and reach your nutrition goals through nutritional information such as personalized meals, food diary, nutrient tracking, etc. 

Different types of nutrition applications can be distinguished according to their functionality:

  • Calorie counters: these are applications that calculate the caloric value of your meals. They help you respect a calorie limit in order to reach your weight loss goals. Some applications allow you to obtain the caloric intake of your meal according to the portion size of the food scanned by your phone.
  • Menu generators: these applications offer you thousands of healthy recipes using what you have in your refrigerator.
  • Food coaches: these applications suggest healthy meals and eating habits according to a dietary analysis of your nutritional needs (age, physical activity, goals, etc.).
  • Food decryption applications: they help you identify the nutritional quality, the organic nature and the presence of harmful additives of food products by offering healthier alternatives.

What is Swiitch?


What is the best nutrition application?

Swiitch is a new application from nutrition doctor Hubert Cormier. His guilt-free universe, based on science and the pleasure of eating, is now available on your phones and tablets! 

Do you want to have the flexibility to eat according to your needs, your goals and your desires, and this, without guilt? That's exactly what the Swiitch application offers you! Because enjoying every bite is so much more enjoyable! Swiitch allows you to easily adapt your meals to your reality by giving you more flexibility than any other food program.

The Swiitch application is above all the advice of a nutritionist at your fingertips. The application was designed in Quebec with the goal of making available a 100% personalized food plan according to the needs of each user.

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How does Swiitch work?

When you first use the application, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Questions about your lifestyle will be asked. For example, you will have to mention your height, age, weight, level of physical activity and your fitness goals. What's interesting about this application is that it doesn't necessarily target weight loss or mass gain unless that is your goal. 

You can easily use Swiitch to maintain your weight, gain muscle mass, lose weight or simply help you eat healthier and more balanced! Also, you can totally customize your plan along the way. Do you want to increase your protein intake, increase your fruit intake, or decrease your fat intake? It's all possible. Everything can be adjusted with the swipe of a finger. Then, based on all of this, a balanced and personalized food plan will be offered to you to help you reach your nutritional goals. 

Your plan will consist of units from seven different food groups:

  1. Protein
  2. Fats
  3. Vegetables
  4. Fruits
  5. Dairy products and alternatives
  6. Starches and whole grains
  7. Food for pleasure

From there, it's up to you to enter the foods you eat after each meal or snack. It may sound time-consuming, but it only takes a minute to record the foods. All you have to do is choose from over 8,000 foods offered in the application and select the amount eaten. Most of the foods are available in several forms, and you can enter the quantity in weight, volume or units. Nothing is easier!

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What are the advantages of Swiitch?

1. Swiitch allows you to adjust your power supply

The Swiitch application owes its name to the principle behind the application. In fact, it is possible to swipe certain food categories together. Swiitcher is then used to restore the balance of your food plan when you consume a higher or lower total of units recommended by your established plan. 

A Swiitch does not impose any restrictions. It allows you to modulate your diet as you wish! Moreover, it is possible to swiitch food units within the same day or in the following or previous days! What is the goal here? To find a balanced diet, of course! And this, while ensuring maximum flexibility within the diet.


2. A 100% personalized food plan

Personalized meal planning favors the achievement of targeted nutrition objectives, because the individual feels more involved in the program. Moreover, each individual has his or her own characteristics (age, gender, body mass index, type of metabolism, morphology, sedentary lifestyle, special needs, etc.) that require an appropriate food formula. 

Here are some specific programs:

  • Food plan for weight loss

  • Food plan for weight gain

  • Food plan to optimize digestion

  • Food plan for women's health

  • Food plan for disease management

  • Food plan for sports performance

  • Food allergy plan

  • Dietary plans adapted to your situation (intermittent fasting, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan)

  • Etc.


3. Motivating flexibility

Unlike most nutrition apps, Swiift does not impose dietary restrictions. You can implement healthy habits without depriving yourself. This approach encourages users to adopt a balanced, effective and sustainable diet. Besides, following a very strict plan that doesn't allow you to indulge in your favorite recipes, you may end up abandoning the whole diet.

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How do you evaluate your diet with Swiitch?

Your personalized plan will be presented to you as an empty plate to fill. As the day progresses, your plate fills up and, at a glance, you can see what units you have consumed since the morning. 

It is then extremely easy to assess the composition of your diet as you add foods to your plan. You can see immediately if you have eaten too much of a certain food category, and this allows you to adjust your diet if necessary. Also, you can observe and evaluate your food balance over several weeks in the statistics tab.


What is special about Swiitch?

There are several features that make Swiitch the best nutrition app currently available on the market:

  • Several branded products are available on the application;
  • If food is not on the application, suggest it, and it will be added in the following days;
  • It is possible to enter your own recipes in the application;
  • Pleasure foods are part of your meal plan;
  • Carbohydrates are divided into four categories, and these are interchangeable;
  • Constructive and positive feedback is sent to you when you make good food choices;
  • A multitude of articles written by nutritionists and health professionals are available;
  • The notion of calories is never mentioned, since the application aims at balance;
  •  Foods are not classified as "good" or "bad".


How much does the Swiitch nutrition application cost?

There are different subscription plans available to you. Specifically, you can subscribe to the application for a single month ($19.99/month), for three months ($18.33/month), for six months ($16.67/month) or for a full year ($13.33/month). In fact, if you'd like to try the application, a free seven-day trial is available. The Swiitch app is available on the App Store and Play Store.


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Swiitch is not a calorie police or a carbohydrate referee. It's up to you to determine your food choices and understand how you can manage your diet for pleasure, not restriction. No more feeling like you cheated by eating a particular food. Focus on balance, that's the winning recipe!