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14 Ideas for a 40th Birthday Party

40 is the new 30. To hit the big 4-0 feels terrific. You've done so much already, and you're on the right track but with COVID-19 still hanging over your head, trying to decide how to mark this occasion can leave you feeling like you've returned to the aimless confusion of your 20s. To help you organize the best 40th birthday party, we compiled some unique birthday ideas to make your celebration unforgettable.


Why is your 40th birthday so important?

40th birthdays are significant milestones, since they mark the start of middle adulthood. You are neither too young nor too old at this stage of your life and you’ve gained important life lessons by this point so it’s important to celebrate and take a step back to be grateful for the memories you’ve created with the people around you. 


Why do you celebrate a milestone birthday?

Technically, there is nothing unique about milestone birthday celebrations. However, as they only occur once every ten years, they signify the beginning of a new decade and the end of an old one. They also stand for a fresh start and mark the beginning of a new period of introspection.


14 tips to make your 40th birthday celebrations memorable

Organize a cooking class

Why not book a cooking class to make this birthday bash extraordinary? It's a great time to broaden your significant other’s skill set and learn something new. You and your companion will have a terrific time connecting as a professional chef walks you through the stages involved in making your favorite food. Gordon Ramsay won't be there to yell at you, so don't be concerned. This is a creative and instructive birthday gift idea. Additionally, you'll have something to show for it at the end that you can taste and appreciate.

Plan a cooking lesson

Have a cocktail party

Create a festive atmosphere and plan a cocktail party with canapés and all of the birthday boy or birthday girl’s favorite things. This is more akin to a better, longer version of happy hour in the convenience of your own home. You can enlist the help of your husband's friends in order to hire a bartender to make a series of fantastic cocktails for everyone. You can also arrange for a special signature cocktail to mark the occasion. To complete the occasion, serve some succulent finger foods, exquisite canapés or a sushi buffet to the mix.

Have a formal dinner party

A formal dinner party will add a touch of class to any 40th birthday celebration and ensure that the occasion is a resounding success. While the food is being prepared, all the party guests can sit and converse comfortably. This is a good idea if the birthday person likes to dress up and enjoys a certain level of sophistication.

Book a special dining experience

Throw a 1980s party

If you or your significant other were born in 1980 and are turning 40 in 2020, this is a perfect time to reflect on your early years. Think neon colors, black and white geometric patterns, and pop star posters from that era when imagining the decor. 

If one of those posters features the King of Pop, you could play the party game "Pin the Glove On Michael Jackson" that night. Make sure the playlist includes songs by musicians and bands from the era, such as Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Madonna, Prince, Tiffany, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, the Eurythmics, Erasure, and the Pet Shop Boys.

Have a tiki party

If you enjoy the beach, vintage America, or exotic island settings, consider a tiki theme for your 40th birthday party. In the 1930s, California saw the emergence of the tiki culture craze, which was influenced by a romanticized view of the South Pacific.

You can recreate a beach bar scene complete with Mai Tai cocktails served in coconuts or tiki glasses, Polynesian dancers, and music. Letting the South Pacific influence your catering decisions can allow you to feature delicious food items like ponzu chicken and Kahlua pork. Don't forget to welcome each visitor with a floral lei.

Solve a murder mystery

For your 40th birthday celebration, send a birthday party invitation to nine friends for a custom murder mystery adventure at a secret location. With the aid of clothes, makeup, and props, you will be assigned special character roles. Each character will be given a past and potential reasons for committing the murder, all of which must be uncovered. This can make for an outstanding birthday event, whether you spread it out over a weekend or simply over the course of an evening.

Full-moon party

You can also organize a 40th birthday party that is centered around a full-moon theme. Such a party should be scheduled for the full-moon night closest to the birthday in question and, if feasible, take place outside. Concentrate on light colors like white, silver, and others that will glow in the moonlight.

A table can be set up in a garden or on a patio, embellished with a white tablecloth, bouquets of white flowers, silvery-green foliage, and lanterns that are inspired by the moon. For a fun gourmet touch, you can provide savory half-moon pies, sweet moon pies, and moonshine cocktails.

Summer garden party

If your 40th birthday falls during a pleasant time of the year, you can celebrate it outdoors with a summer garden party. To add character to the event, consider a quirky, rustic style rather than the classic, stuffy elegance frequently associated with garden gatherings.

Set up lots of potted plants and garden-themed birthday decorations on the tables… think flower frogs, gnomes, and terra cotta. Serve icy jugs of sangria, homemade spiced lemonade, lemon verbena water, and grand aioli along with light summer fare like chorizo-and-manchego crostini.

Potluck party

Concerned about having to organize all the food and drink for your 40th birthday party celebrations? Encourage everyone to bring a food item with a bottle of wine. You never know what great new dishes you might get to try. Just make sure you are aware of who is responsible for the birthday cake and any allergies in the group. 

Costume party

Do you have a favorite show or movie? Get everyone to dress up as one of the plot’s characters. You can then immortalize the special occasion by taking pictures and posting them on social media.

Sleepover party

Sleepovers are not just for kids, adults can also have them. Think about leaving the kids with grandma or grandpa, so you may host your closest friends for a fun night. Anything goes… you can discuss life, have an in-house movie night, play games, eat pizza, etc. You can even stay awake the entire night if your 40-year-old body allows you to.

Tech-free party

This is similar to a typical party, but with fewer attendees and no screen time. You gather everyone's phones when they arrive. You're not holding them captive, and anyone can easily access their phones if necessary, but you are encouraging your guests to talk to one another and really enjoy the night. 

A reverse-surprise party

This involves gradually inviting friends to an event that they might perceive as being somewhat boring. For example, you can invite them to talk about a PTA proposal. Then, as soon as they arrive... Surprise! You're celebrating your 40th birthday in style! Just make sure it's informal enough, so that attendees won't be taken aback by your apparel. 

Hire a personal chef 

Hiring a personal chef for dinner or cooking classes will give your friends a welcome break from being out and about, as well as a much-needed chance to spend time at home with each other. To make the 40th birthday party a little more special, you can arrange a theme-based event.

After all, nothing unites people like good cuisine. Whether you decide to have a private dinner or invite several of his or her friends over for a party, you can be sure that the food will be excellent. You can make this experience as private or as public as you like.

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