Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

What are the best performing software to offer home delivery  to your customers?

With thousands of Personal Chefs, who for most of them have a regular job as a chef or a cook in restaurants around the world, at MiumMium, we know a thing or two about managing a restaurant.  Of course, we believe that the experience of having your own chef cook for you in the comfort of your home and enjoying a fabulous meal with friends can’t be beaten. However, we also know that having pizza or Chinese food delivered to your door steps on a wednesday in just 15 minutes can be extremely comforting.  

 Therefore, using our knowledge of the industry, we decided to review the different online ordering systems for restaurants. One industry that’s changed a lot in the last decade is the food service industry. We’ve seen innovation and new food trends arise. In fact, one trend that’s gaining more and more importance is the de-socializing and devaluing of dining out hence why personal chef services and online ordering have become so popular.  

 Restaurants who strive to boost their sales year after year have to find new ways to sell online. While there are a number of different ways to increase revenue, one of the most effective methods today is to add an online ordering system on your restaurant's website.  This allows you to grow your customer base, increase your revenues and show your clients that you are a modern business that aims to satisfy their needs. 

By making your services available online, you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the web and you will win clients who want to enjoy your dishes in the comfort of their home.

What is an online ordering system?

An online ordering system is a simple, quick and effective way for customers to browse and buy food online, from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Such systems are powered by the internet, which connects restaurants with customers.  Customers just have to browse the restaurant’s app or website to see the different menu items, and types of cuisines available. Then, they can simply select the products they want and place their orders online. 

Once the order is confirmed, the customers can either choose to pick up the food at the restaurant or have it delivered right to their doorstep.. Depending on the online ordering platforms chosen, different payment options are available. Orders can be paid by debit card, credit card,  digital wallets, cash, etc. Online food delivery apps are a secure and popular method that help restaurants grow their businesses.

What is the difference between an online ordering system and a third party marketplace?

Many restaurateurs are currently using third party marketplace such as Uber Eats, Grubhub or Skip the dishes. Even though they provide a way for your customers to order from your restaurant online, marketplaces can take a huge commission and won’t give you access to your customers’ data and buying habits.  Having your own online ordering system on your own website guarantees that you can control every step of your customer journey, maximize your margins, foster loyal customers and protect your brand image. That doesn’t mean you can’t have both a marketplace and an online ordering system at the same time. Marketplaces can help raise awareness of your brand to new customers and your own online ordering platform is where your loyal customers will order from.

How to choose an online ordering platform for restaurants?

There are many online food ordering systems to choose from but choosing the right one for your business is important because it will help you control the experience that your customers have when they place an online order at your restaurant. The type of experience the customer has with your restaurant ordering system will most likely determine whether or not they will order again. 

 In a hyperconnected world like today, people are always looking to get things done quickly, efficiently, and on the go. So online orders that are designed with this in mind will drive sales that they otherwise wouldn't. When choosing an online ordering system for your restaurant, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Ability to customize

The goal of a good online ordering system is to make business as transparent as possible for customers. You want to choose a system that allows you to use your restaurant's brand (logo, colors, and style) so that it blends well with your website. Look for ease of use in registration, ordering, and payment. 

Also, bear in mind that systems that allow users to log in through their Facebook page and other popular platforms capture more online orders. You want a system that can be tailored to your brand and feel like an extension of your website.

  • Attractive User Interface

An appealing user interface (UI) will attract customers to browse your app and order - this will drive your sales! Plus, customers will be more likely to order again if they have a good user experience. The result will be an improved ROI of your online ordering system.

  • Ease of integration

The best online ordering systems are integrated with most well known restaurant POS (Point of Sale) systems. This will give you greater control over your operations. Having the online orders available directly into your system will reduce order errors as they will be handled like any other order in your restaurant. Plus, it will keep labor costs under control and accurately report inventory deductions and sales numbers.

  • Marketing Support

Getting the word out about your new service is crucial to making it a success. Compare what each provider has to offer in terms of marketing support. Some companies like Ueat offer a marketing guide with the best practices to help you inform potential customers that you now have an online ordering option. Good online ordering systems offer advanced marketing and promotional tools to create loyal and recurring customers.

  • Delivery options

Before choosing your online food ordering system, check with the provider whether the app includes a delivery option for your customers. Not all systems offer this.

8 Quality online ordering platforms

UEAT offers a fast, simple and intuitive online ordering system that is perfect for any restaurant. The system is user friendly and has an attractive user interface. It allows you to personalize the online ordering experience of your customers. In fact, it’s artificial intelligence module can predict, with the highest success rate, what customers want to buy based on previous orders. It’s white-label universal app can be tailored to your restaurant’s name, logo and brand. It offers you advanced marketing and promotional tools such as a loyalty program and customer insights. Not to mention that there are multiple delivery options available to you, commission free.  

 Main features:  

  • Express integration  
  • Mobile ordering (web & app) 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Simple 3-step ordering process 
  • Marketing support  
  • Customer support 24/7 for life 
  • All order type (Takeaway, delivery, room delivery, office delivery) 
  • Direct integration (POS, loyalty, payment gateway, delivery) 
  • Multi-language, Multi-time zone, Multi-currency, Multi-POS 
  • PCI Certified
  • Multilingual support is a friendly online ordering software that is suitable for small restaurants and which allows you to customize your app and website. Their user interface let’s you set up discounts and automatic offers.

Main features: 

  • Mobile ordering  
  • Customizable web & app  
  • Pickup & Delivery 
  • Customer Service 
  • Management control  
  • Integration with Zapier

On this online ordering platform and the app, customers can place orders on your website and on some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The website and app are customizable so that you can keep your brand identity. ChowNow also provides you with management tools, so you can make menu changes on your dashboard.

Main features: 

  • Commission-free online ordering 
  •  Custom-built food ordering app 
  •  Management Tools 
  •  Customer Insights 
  •  Support team

GloriaFood is an open-source app that let’s customers place their online orders either on your website or on Facebook. This online ordering system includes mobile ordering and has a table reservation window. They have different plans, one of which is free. If you need advanced features such as credit card payments, they are available in the paid premium plan.

Main features:  

  • Mobile ordering    
  • Unlimited orders   
  • Website ordering widget    
  • Facebook ordering app    
  • Detailed reports 

Toast POS is a point of sale system that offers an online ordering system. This is a good option for you if you are already using this POS. You can customize your online platform to match your brand and it includes a rewards program for your customers.

Main features:  

  • Integrated online ordering program  
  • Online order reports   
  • Customizable system   
  • Curbside pickup   
  • Delivery systems

This web-based system converts your menu into an online ordering platform. Menu Drive designs your interactive ordering site so that it blends seamlessly with your brand. You simply have to add an “Order Online” button on your website in order to start receiving online orders.

Main features:  

  • Mobile ordering  
  • Marketing & promotions  
  • Customer data Loyalty program   
  • Credit card processing   
  • Multiple order types 

Restolabs is an online ordering system for restaurants that has different features. For example, customers can order from facebook and support is available in various languages. It also offers real-time analytics. Their interface allows you to upload your menu and add a widget for online orders on your website.

Main features:

  • Customizable web and app 
  • Mobile ordering 
  • Facebook ordering 
  • Customer data 
  • Marketing tools 
  • Multilingual support

9Fold is an online ordering software that let’s you receive orders, make changes to your menus and track delivery times. The system includes different features to enhance the customer experience. 

Main features:

  • Mobile ordering  
  • Dashboard management  
  • Promo tools and social engagement  
  • Email marketing

If you’re looking for the all-in-one perfect online ordering system, UEAT is your best option. This platform not only has the 5 key elements of an online food ordering system but also enhances them and offers you many other features. They also provide restaurateurs diverse digital ordering offerings that include self-ordering kiosks, table ordering and mobile app. 

 We should also note that their service is exceptional.  

If you’re looking to grow your business and maintain your identity as a brand, UEAT is the ideal partner for you!

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