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Chef a domicilio Rogelio North Miami Beach, FL, Estados Unidos

To achieve my Plan of cooking delicious and memorable meals to people all over the world.

Chef a domicilio # 35500

Especialidad culinaria
Professional experience in a range of restaurants and have culinary training and knowledge in a number of cuisines including French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Latino, American, European, Asian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Seafood, & Vegetarian. I am extremely skilled at putting my own stamp on traditional dishes, creating new combinations, and experimenting with new flavors while being careful not to compromise the freshness and originality of the food I prepare.
Have 22 years of experience in making delicious healthy dishes in star hotels and leading restaurants. Expert in making food at reduced cost without compromising on quality and taste. Have got training from chefs of various star hotels and so expertise in quality procedures and regulations to be followed while making food. Also specialized in preparing menu for the day with good combination to attract customers. Can handle high pressure environments and make dishes of good taste and health for large volumes in stipulated time efficiently. Also efficiently managing a team of chefs and cooks and conducted training for them to handle tasks efficiently and make good delicious dishes.
Americano, Asiático, Barbacoa, Caribeño, Decadente, Español
Chef Rogelio
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