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Private Chef Tonjula Northglenn, CO, United States

Nothing but soul when cooking

Personal Chef # 49440

Cooking style
My cooking style is between a southern and infuse with my culture of having Spanish African Italian french and straight Cajun soul cooking. It's a burst of flavors within your mouth and your body that gives Joy.
My experience with cooking start developing when I was 2 years old my mother and sister and I would cook every Sunday which was family time the smells the presentation the taste it engulfed me and I have not wanted nothing else in my life but to cook and cook well. My experiences have mowed me to be the person that I am today. Food is a life changer and a lifestyle not for the week but for the strong to be able to endure anything that comes your way because cooking is unpredictable and you have to learn how to adapt with that. So I love it with all my heart and so it never left me since the age of two.
African, American, BBQ, Caribbean, French, Fusion
Chef Tonjula
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What would you like?

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