10 Best Employee Training Software 2023

10 Best Employee Training Software 2023

Using employee training software is ideal for a company's workers to carry out the different functions and responsibilities of their job position. It is also very useful for new employees joining the company. With the appropriate software, businesses can provide their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition. 

They can create personalized courses for employees to learn more about the organization’s corporate philosophy, as well as the products or services that it offers. In this article, we explain what employee training software is, learn about the various types of these digital tools that are available on the market, and examine their main features.


What is employee training software?

Employee training software is an online tool that helps organizations manage and deliver training to employees. This type of software typically features a user-friendly interface, enabling managers to easily create and track training sessions. It also provides complete visibility into the progress of each individual trainee. 

These tools, which standardize and enhance the employee learning experience, are generally managed by the Human Resources (HR) department and help ensure that a business's employees use the organization's corporate training content, and put what they learn into practice.

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What are the types of online training software for employees?

There are different types of online employee training software that HR teams can use to develop and manage employee training programs. 

Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Corporate learning management systems (LMS) provide tools through which HR teams can train employees and customers. LMS software has built-in functions for tracking progress, organizing courses and managing online training. An LMS makes talent development easy for both companies and employees!

Knowledge management systems

Knowledge management systems allow employees to have the alternative of searching online for answers to any question about benefits, processes, policies and corporate culture. They are tools that can be considered internal wikis for companies.

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Digital adoption platforms

These are tools that allow companies to build guided training content within an application, such as onboarding flows, interactive guides and knowledge bases. This way, employees that join an organization can be trained on software that is essential to their job. In addition, their continuous learning skills will be developed in context and just-in-time.

Video training software

Video training programs can be integrated into an LMS or even be a stand-alone tool. Video training software has become an increasingly popular and necessary tool for businesses of all sizes. It is quickly becoming the go-to solution for companies looking to create comprehensive employee onboarding and training programs, with video content as the basis.

Video training provides a more immersive and engaging experience for learners, compared to traditional text-based training approaches. Video content allows employees to better visualize concepts being presented, providing them with a more holistic understanding of the material. Additionally, video allows companies to include interactive elements like quizzes and assessments within their courses, so that employees can practice their skills before applying them in real life scenarios.

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What Are The Best Employee Training Software of 2023?


Didacte is a state-of-the-art learning management system, designed from top to bottom to support and optimize professional development. This online training platform can be used to create, distribute, and even sell courses. Its easy-to-use system makes it ideal for both teachers and learners. 

Users of Didacte can automate the management of their courses, allowing them to benefit from a cost-effective way to consolidate and centralize training data. Thanks to specialized progress tools, the improvement of trainees can be easily measured. Didacte also offers personalized experiences through the creation of learning paths based on an employee’s job type or department.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a learning management tool with employee training features. The software has an accessible and intuitive interface, allowing users to customize their experience with different designs and dashboard options. This software platform is built for all types of organizations and learners and allows integrations with other solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Through content library partners, customers have access to pre-made courses.


Trackstar is known for providing solutions for performance management, applicant tracking, workforce analytics, and learning management. The main focus of its LMS is to help HR professionals offer training solutions, onboarding programs, and more. 

The Trakstart LMS solution is accessible online or in person. Users also have the choice of a hybrid learning environment. Through its auto-enrollment feature, Trakstar simplifies the manual enrolling of employees. HR can use the software to pick the appropriate training courses and the personnel to enroll. Course materials and modules are automatically emailed to the chosen employees. 

Kallidus Learn

This cloud-based LMS is designed to facilitate employee training with compliance management and certification features. Users can use its built-in course library to access educational material. The platform is optimized for mobile devices, giving users the capacity to use their smartphone or tablet to supplement their learning experience. HR professionals gain access to a calendar view, an overview of learners’ progress, and other functional features. 

iSpring Learn

This is a browser-based LMS that allows users to access a learning solution through the Internet. Users can also use the iSpring Learn mobile app to gain access to the application. This LMS is able to automatically track results and prepare reports. Admins can review reports using filters and see training statistics from the app’s dashboard. The platform can integrate with third-party software like Oracle and Zoom. 


This employee training software and education app specializes in remote workers and deskless teams. Its features focus on new hire onboarding, routing professional skills training, and regulatory courses. Connecteam’s training courses are divided into different chapters, making it easier for employees to track their progress. Its continuous training options give employees the chance to pick up their training whenever it is best for them.


Skyprep is an online employee training software designed with simplicity in mind. It simplifies navigation to create a straightforward learning experience. This software gives users access to customizable reporting tools that track employee performance and helps save time. Other features such as gamification and an AI-like chatbot create more engaging learning scenarios. 


Leapsome helps companies combine learning, engagement, and performance. Its features include personalized learning paths and customizable learning schedules, allowing people to receive training that responds to their needs. Team leaders can set intervals and progression milestones. Likewise, they can publish quizzes to test the effectiveness of the learning paths currently in use. 


Lessonly is a cloud-based LMS that simplifies building, sharing, and tracking training courses by including all those features in a single interface. This platform places an emphasis on speed and claims that courses taken on it take less time to be completed.  


This training software organizes training modules in a centralized system. Managers can form different teams, assign roles, and create subjects. It is also possible to add didactic videos, photos, and documents. Trainual can integrate with many popular workplace apps. 

Start using an employee training software today 

Training is critical for businesses, as it helps employees develop the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively, as well as keep up with industry trends. Didacte’s enterprise learning platform aims to facilitate the professional development of your company’s talent pool.

Their employee training system is easy to configure and use for platform administrators seeking to create training courses for their employees. What’s more, this modern training software can be used on electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, offering the possibility of advanced analytics.

In addition, their help center documentation enables users to master the nuances and operations of this virtual learning environment. Curious to learn more about what Didacte can do for you? Start a free trial today and see how their employee training software can help your organization reach its goals and objectives. 

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