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Chef at home Rya

Fontana, CA, United States



Chef Rya was great
She and her pastry chef totally delivered what was discussed. Every thing was delicious and everyone had a great time. One constructive criticism is their timing. We were hoping for brunch around 2 and it was more like 4pm. It was ok with us as everyone was having a great time and I told the chefs not to fret over the time. But, it's something that should be discussed if you're planning an event that is time sensitive. But then again... you can't rush art.
Chef comment: Thank you for your kind words Freya, I'm just reading this review almost a year later! Thank you for you constructive criticism, it is noted and has since been corrected I'm pleased to report! Thank you again for choosing to have me cater your family event, it was wonderful feeding and meeting you all!
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