Chef at home Cherise

Odenton, MD, United States



Friendly and professional
I cannot say enough about Chef Cherise. I used her for a few items to help me with Thanksgiving a few years back and been using her ever since. Her food is fresh, well seasoned, and the portions she provides is tremendous. Some of my favorite dishes is her crab cakes, every bite nothing but full pieces of crab meat, mac and cheese, so hearty it's a meal itself, steak, her steak is butter soft, and stuffed flounder, I had it with the shrimp stuffing, She takes her time to get an understanding of your likes and dislikes and really cater you meal to you. I used her services for birthdays, holidays, and BBQs. As of lately with my work schedule, I call her to make meals that I can freeze and eat throughout the week.
Chef comment: Thank you so much for your review! I am looking forward to seeing you next month!
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