Personal Chef Kelvin

Sacramento, CA, United States

Menu #17051
Caribbean Inspired Menu

A four course dinner menu inspired by traditional Caribbean flavors with a modern flair

Category: Cooking class - Dinner - Lunch
Influence: Caribbean
curly  Appetizer  curly
Salt Fish Fritters
Salt Fish Fritters

Crispy Golden Salt Fish Fritters W. Mango Puree

curly  Main Course  curly
Jamaican Oxtail Stew
Jamaican Oxtail Stew

Slow-Braised bone-in beef oxtails w. Butter Beans and Vegetables

Seafood Rassa
Seafood Rassa

Coconut Curried Seafood Soup

curly  Dessert  curly
Jamaican Bread Pudding
Jamaican Bread Pudding

Jamaican Bread Pudding w. Caramelized Rum Plantains and Ice Cream

$ 50.54 /guest       2 and more
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