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Ottawa, ON, Canada

Menu #13583
Light summer menu

A light summery menu sure to satisfy!

Category: Dinner
Influence: Europe, Mediterranean, Terroir
curly  Appetizer  curly
Cucumber Melon Gaspacho
Cucumber Melon Gaspacho

a refreshing blend of raw vegetables and herbs

Roasted Tomato Tart
Roasted Tomato Tart

Roasted heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic, bocconcini and basil all stuffed into grandma's flaky pie dough!

curly  Main Course  curly
Trout with hollandaise
Trout with hollandaise

Beautifully seared trout served on a bed of zucchini and carrots curls, topped with a silky smooth hollandaise.

curly  Dessert  curly

Think of it as an ice cream terrine...a frozen but still soft log of custard! Flavoured with summer berries and balsamic, this semifreddo is sure to be a refreshing treat!

$ 57.50 /guest       5 and more
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