Personal Chef Kyle, Montréal, QC, Canada | Menu #15775

Personal Chef Kyle

Montréal, QC, Canada

Menu #15775
Ramen dinner

Vegetarian miso ramen with fresh vegetables and mushroom Dashi broth.

Category: Dinner - Lunch
Influence: Japanese
Dietary restriction: (Vegetarian)
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Vegetarian Miso ramen
Vegetarian Miso ramen

Miso style ramen made with a vegetarian Dashi broth with the richness of a tonkotsu ramen. Topped with soft boiled egg, leeks, been sprouts, mushrooms, chili sesame oil, bok choy, corn.

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Japanese cheesecake
Japanese cheesecake

Jiggly Japanese cheesecake topped with fresh fruit compote.

$ 24.15 /guest       6 and more
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