Private Chef Paul Tulsa, OK, United States

off the cuff dinning, classic french, mexican, italian, german, cajun creole

Personal Chef # 4652

Cooking style
I am an off the cuff chef, i am the one that goes to friends house after a long day to make a meal from left overs, random cuts of scrap, and condiments. I excel at cooking with ingredients readily available. A recipe is knowledge, knowing how things work together, that being said, I work ingredients, not recipes. I relay on tradition and often use that tradition in my cooking. I am experienced but humble and it shows in what I do in a kitchen.
I have 25 years in the restaurant business, I have worked under 2 French master chefs, ran several of my own kitchens, worked in several cities in the US, worked abroad, trained extensively in as many cuisines afforded me in my first ten years. I am the chef that worked 3 times as hard overcoming the fact I never went to school for it.
African, Caribbean, Europe, Fusion, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Paul
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