Private Chef Gabriel San Diego, CA, United States

Master of Creative Culinary Solutions

Personal Chef # 20297

Cooking style
I have a passion for the comfort dishes of the world and take inspiration from the classic flavors and methods that have fed the souls of families across the globe for generations. I look for exceptional seasonal ingredients and attempt to apply techniques that will allow the unique qualities of the ingredients to shine through and become more than what they were when I started.
I was raised cooking at my grandmothers hip. My Grandmother had a small hometown restaurant that served classic comfort food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I learned from her the value of hard work, quality, efficiency and personal service. I spent the years that followed practicing in classic technique and immersing myself in world cuisine. I have taught culinary skills classes and I currently provide personal chef and catering services to a select group of private clients.
Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern, Spanish, Thai
Chef Gabriel
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Pasta from scratch

Pasta from scratch

$ 63.25 /guest    4 and more
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What would you like?

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