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Private Chef Alyssa Sacramento, CA, United States

Fresh, fun, flavorful, & always local

Personal Chef # 1921

Cooking style
Fresh, flavorful, and exciting. Versatility is my middle name! I am all about food and every way and style of cooking it. I can appreciate and whip up American classics while also being able to cook from my roots as a Latin-American woman. I can make authentic Thai dishes from working in a small Thai restaurant for a year and a half, while also being able to make delicious Italian food because European food is amazing. Even though I've only shed light on a few ethnic food styles in this paragraph, I'm very versatile. I love flavor, I love creating, and I love cooking.
Started as a hobby, enjoyed it so much that I went to school to make cooking my career. I'm young, but please do not underestimate me in the kitchen. I leave no palette displeased!
American, Asian, Chinese, Decadent, Eastern Europe, Europe
Chef Alyssa
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