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Private Chef Kamari Oakland, CA, United States

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Personal Chef # 26968

Cooking style
I can cook anything based off your preference (any diet, allergies, limitations). I am multiracial. My mother is half Japanese and half African American. My father is Puerto Rican. I am heavily influenced by my culture as well as my traveling and experience with food all around the world. My food never lacks flavor. I try to use all organic ingredients. I am skilled at creating dishes from scratch, rather than using many store bought products. I can create dishes based off any lifestyle.
I’ve been cooking all my life. I started cooking young because I had a working mother. Over time the community started asking for my dishes. I began selling California inspired plates at LSU during college. Studying the agriculture industry opened my eyes to the importance of healthy sustainable food. I became vegan Oct. 2018. In December 2018, I did our first pop up restaurant at Vegan Republic Store in Berkeley, CA. I went on to do 5 more pop ups then got recruited to do a Vegan BayGround Festival in Oakland, CA. Since we have done a number of festivals, cooking classes, personal dinners and meal preps. Recently I have been a nanny, that cooks for a family of 4.
American, Bio, Caribbean, Health, Latin, Soul/Southern
Chef Kamari
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What would you like?

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