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Private Chef Callahan Newport, RI, United States

Ciao! I've travelled much of the culinary world and look forward to sharing all I've learned!

Personal Chef # 33231

Cooking style
After considering what is available and what can be ruled out, then I look to gather a consensus on preferences of the guests for the time or occasion and would finally go with something I'm confident with or practice and perfect what would be more appropriate.
From the day I got out of the hospital I was in restaurants almost everyday and that has never stopped. I've cooked in high-end New American, French and Italian kitchens and spent time with Thai, Mexican and Spanish mentors learning native recipes. The highlight of my career was living and working in Fagagna, Italy and prior to that I was lucky enough to secure a few months of experience at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia before it closed. Since Italy, I've been developing a network and expertise in wine to supplement the cooking.
American, Asian, BBQ, Eastern Europe, Europe, French
Chef Callahan
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What would you like?

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