Private Chef Leonardo New York, NY, United States

Italian chef in New York

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Cooking style
I would define my cuisine as creative and healthy yet with deep roots in Italian and French tradition. I am also intimate with middle eastern and modern fare American cuisines. I strongly believe a great dish can originate only from great produce treated with love!
I was born, raised, and trained in Italy. I have formal training in French and Italian cuisines from ALMA, la scuola internazionale di cucina italiana , one of the top three culinary institutes worldwide. I have a 9 year long career in Michelin star restaurants all over Europe (notably Italy, France and Luxembourg) and moved to NYC this past November. I have worked full time as a live in private chef for a high net worth individual in the Hamptons this past summer and have been doing private dinners for prominent Manhattan families ever since I arrived, while working first as senior sous chef and then chef de cuisine for Osteria della Pace, Eataly downtown’s fine dining restaurant.
American, Europe, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Molecular
Chef Leonardo
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Italian dinner

Italian dinner

$ 86.25 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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