Private Chef Syrena New Orleans, LA, United States

The Cool Chef

Personal Chef # 24597

Cooking style
Southern Cajun Creole inspired comfort food
I Provide Clients with the full experience of a meal, not just the cooking part the interaction side of it. I have a big personality and I am not afraid to let it out, the guests actually love it and it keeps me from getting fatigue from just cooking all day. I am a true New Orleanian and specializes in southern Creole Cajun cuisine with a modern twist, I am also a Chopped Champion and proud of it! So that makes me work really well under stressful situations my goal is to have a consistent pool of clients to service on a regular basis so that I can continue to build my brand doing what I love to do.
African, American, French, Spanish
Chef Syrena
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How to cook my Chopped winning Dish

How to cook my Chopped winning Dish

$ 48.30 /guest    6 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more
New experiences!
Chef Syrena agreed to a challenge. We have a kosher kitchen on our motorhome and were in New Orleans for a few days. She planned a menu with me and knew that she would need to have all ingredients approved for a kosher meal, as well as cooking with our utensils and knives! Dinner was fantastic and Chef Syrena was a delight to watch. Her skills and personality let her get creative in different settings, a true Champion!
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