Private Chef Gabrielle Las Vegas, NV, United States

Flour Power!

Personal Chef # 26556

Cooking style
Classics is my specialty! French (Eclairs, Tortes, Mousses, Petit Fours) , American (Pies , Cakes, Cookies, Decorated Sugar cookies). Book me for a Bridal Shower Brunch, Birthday cake delivery, specialty themed party treat buffet, or an elegant course style dessert sit down. **I do work with a Chef if you are in search of savory food with your sweets.
Since I began working at 16, I have been in the food industry. While many people enter this field in their lives, you only stay in the kitchen if you love it! I trained in Baking and Pastry at Kendall College in Chicago, since then I have been lucky enough to work in numerous kitchens! Restaurants, cafe's, catering, banquets, mass production, serving-I love variety, and I love a job where I can bake EVERY THING from scratch.
American, French, Italian
Chef Gabrielle
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What would you like?

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