Private Chef Myriam Humble, TX, United States

The Best Brazilian/International Food

Personal Chef # 12897

Cooking style
Brazilian food with a French twist without discarding the authenticity and European classics with a Brazilian twist.
Brazilian Cuisine is considered to be very rich and diversified and Brazilians are known to be one of the warmest hosts. Having a truly, tradicional Brazilian meal will be one of the most amazing food experiences you will have. I will be pleased to be part of this experience. I have worked in catering for many years in Brazil. Had a training in the French 2 star Michelin La Pyramide and had a French bistro Brazil. After that, I moved to the US. I have incorporated the traditional French techniques to improve the way I cook Brazilian food. The result is a very rich, although authentic Brazilian Cuisine. Because of my living experiences abroad I also enjoy to cook some classic European dishes.
Europe, French, Fusion, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish
Chef Myriam
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