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Cooking style
My friends call me how big, because my presentations are generally intriguing and eye appealing. I spend a great deal of time studying cuisine from around the world and enjoy presenting meals in settings that exemplify their origin. I can prepare meals with few to moderate ingredients with the skill to also build fanciful and elaborate banquets.
I have traveled and studied foods from around the world and am confident in just about any type of cuisine to include, Cajun, Middle Eastern, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian just to name a few. What sets me apart as a chef is my study of formal butler and household services which gives me an edge when it comes to etiquette, presentation and hosting my clients events and meals. I have owned and operated an all inclusive - high end wedding venue, managed the catering for the Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was a private chef in Montecito, CA.
French, Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Vegetarian
Chef Eric
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What would you like?

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I have had the privilege of working with Eric on several occasions and I would never hire another chef. He goes above and beyond with his cooking and presentation, he is always professional and has an endless repertoire of recipes. Eric actually catered my wedding, a smaller party of only 30 people, and his menu was perfect! He always knows the best dishes for any occasion. If you are looking for fantastic food and a chef who goes above and beyond than this is the one for you!
The Best!
Chef Eric catered for our son’s wedding for 60 guests in our home. His professional approach from planning menu options to delivery made the overall experience stress free. The buffet presentation and quality of food were exceptional and guests feedback was the highest praise. We have no hesitation in recommending Chef Eric for any private function. You dont just get a great food experience but a truly fun personality also.
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