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Private Chef Mychal Frederick, MD, United States

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Personal Chef # 57556

Cooking style
I have a small international family. American, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, and Italian cuisines are shared at our table. After spending a cumulative year cooking for my family in Sardinia Italy and traveling through Europe, my style varies between American, Middle Eastern, Italian, German, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, and Thai cuisine.
I learned as a child to cook for my family. I went a different route to become a personal chef. After obtaining my degree in nutrition while working in a large professional kitchen for two years. I then catered between high school sport teams to fine dining in penthouse suites. Developing individualized menus and working with the plethora of food preferences is exciting. The long route was being a nurse practitioner for the past 14 years! I shared my passion for cooking in my clients homes after delivering their babies. I have now been led back to being a full time chef. My desire is to share high quality ingredients in a way that people drool over. No reason to stress over what to eat or how to entertain. Leave it to someone who loves every aspect of the process, so you can focus on what is more important to you.
Europe, Greek, Health, Indian, Italian, Latin
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Meat Lovers

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What would you like?

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