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Private Chef Julia Federal Way, WA, United States

Real Food. Your Way. Right At Home.

Personal Chef # 25922

Cooking style
My style is about seasonal freshness and approachable dishes that borrow from a range of cultural influences. Everyday dining but elevated. My favorite cultural cuisine is Mexican/Latin or Italian. I really enjoy vegan and vegetarian cooking. I also like to take comfort-food favorites and give it a twist that improves the nutritional value (less fat, more vegetables) but also improves the flavor.
Le Cordon Bleu graduate with 7 years professional experience. Early days included 3 years with Tom Douglas Restaurants and over 5 years with Nordstrom Restaurant Group. During my 4 years as a personal chef I have done private dining for as few as 2 guests and catered events for as many as 70 guests.
American, Health, Italian, Latin, Mexican, Thai
Chef Julia
Spring Supper

Spring Supper

$ 69.00 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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