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Private Chef Joslyn East Greenwich, RI, United States

| Succulent Succubus for Sumptuous Sustenance |

Personal Chef # 27837

Cooking style
Rustic & comforting \\\ Refined & elegant. My specialties are Southeast Asian, Latin American, molecular gastronomy, baking and pastry, and, if desired, health conscientious to all dietary needs and restrictions.
A colorful yet rich repertoire of skills cultivated from over 15 years of cooking, you will find my wholesome yet bold Puerto Rican background complimenting everything that I do as well as my refined graceful techniques from professional culinary endeavors. While I love the intimacy of small private soirees comprised of delectable canapes and small plates , I do have ample exposure to catering and baking for larger parties; my attention and care is no less in either environment. Frankly, from working in a doughnut bakery at 4am, to one of the most prestigious restaurants in all of Atlanta until midnight, I live and breathe this life and want nothing more but to share it with you.
Decadent, Fusion, Health, Japanese, Latin, Vegan
Chef Joslyn
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What would you like?

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