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Private Chef Davon Cincinnati, OH, United States

Life is too short to eat boring food

Personal Chef # 15869

Cooking style
Fresh fresh fresh, I use only fresh ingredients whenever possible. Spring and summer menus are written in the morning after I have had time to go got the farmers market. I pride myself in using the most local ingredients possible in the freshest ways.
Great food has always been my passion, I started cooking at a very young age With a hispanic grandmother, not knowing how to cook was not an option. I grew up in the food & beverage / hospitality industry, and between my grandma and my dad, cooking just seemed like a part of every day life. My wife is from the Philippines and I have had the great luxury and ability to spend long periods of time in the Philippines learning how to cook in a way that is healthy, basic, and brings out the true and natural flavors of each of the ingredients.
Asian, Decadent, Health, Latin, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Davon
Romantic dinner at home

Romantic dinner at home

$ 62.54 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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