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Private Chef Malia Boca Raton, FL, United States

The Gypsy Chef

Personal Chef # 10194

Cooking style
I call myself the Gypsy Chef greatly because I borrow from all cuisines to create exciting new tastes and styles. I am drawn to the small plate style of cooking because I enjoy sampling so many ethnic foods in my meal. I cook with passion and vibrancy. I strive for beauty in my food as well as incredible bold flavors. No dish or style in beyond my reach. I do it all!
I began working in the restaurant industry in the front of the house but quickly picked up a love for the kitchen. I started professionally working with a private caterer as his pastry chef for large events and was eventually brought on as head pastry chef at a very large event space in Manhattan. Eventually I found my way to the savory side and was hired as a head chef and menu consultant/mixologist at a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. I stayed long enough to update and elivate quite a few dishes on the menu, however, I soon left the city and had to resign my position. Since then, I have catered small and large events. Casual to formal and all styles of cooking.
American, Asian
Chef Malia
What would you like?

What would you like?

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