Private Chef Zeynep İSTANBUL, Turkey

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Personal Chef # 24303

Cooking style
Inspired by world cuisine, I like to create my own style. I like to cook everything, my style is simple yet refined, sometimes avant-garde. Inspired by fresh, local ingredients, in accordance with the request, I like to create menus where there is a harmony between modern and classical.
I completed four years education of haute gastronomy - culinary arts and restaurant management, in France, at Institut Paul Bocuse. Worked at Restaurant Pierre Orsi-Lyon and pastry LaDurée-Paris. Presented several cooking shows in Turkey and worked as columnist for several magazines, news papers. Presently, I am working as a recipe developer for Thermomix, as a freelance food stylist and I provide personalized gourmet catering, also consultancy for menu/restaurant concepts.
Bio, Europe, French, Health, Mediterranean, Vegan
Chef Zeynep
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