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Private Chef Razvan Almancil, FARO, Portugal

Italian Chef

Personal Chef # 20088

Cooking style
I am Italian chef with a Mediterranean style, I know how to satisfy all your needs without problems, if you like the Italian gourmet kitchen I’m the right person, if you like a traditional Italian kitchen I’m also the right person, all inquiries are not a problem for me.
I am a young chef who started doing this job very soon for passion, I have almost 8 years of experience, I worked most of time in Italy and now I’m in Portugal for a new experience (I’m still working for Heinz Beck the 3 star Michelin Italian chef). For the moment I am a Chef Saucier (in Gusto by Heinz Beck in the Conrad Algarve Hotel & resort).
Europe, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Razvan
Experience part 2

Experience part 2

€ 97.75 /guest    2 and more
History number 1

History number 1

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What would you like?

What would you like?

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