Private Chef Ian St. Lucia

Critically acclaimed award winning Chef with 30 plus years in some of the finest hotels in the world over 5 continents

Personal Chef # 19714

Cooking style
Cooking style from fine dining to cooking out in nature, preparing five star dining meals without the use of a professional kitchen. Experienced at an expert level in all the European kitchens, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, BBQ and Indigenous bush cooking cuisines. Check out Chef Sherlocks cooking channel on you tube Chef Sherlock many of the dishes you see here you can watch him prepare on line.
Award-winning Executive Chef from England with a solid and diverse international background. This highly motivated and energized Chef has managed all levels of high class multiple food and beverage outlets with a result orientated track record of success. 30 years of progressive experience managing kitchens in leading hotels and resorts such as Mandarin Oriental, Shangri La, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Marriott, Inter-continental, Royal Meridien and Royal Mirage - One&Only just to name a few In Hong Kong, Bangkok - Koh Samui-Thailand, Bali-Indonesia, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Caribbean, Germany and England, refining the art of cooking, developing impressive menus; and preparing cuisines from culturally diverse regions around the globe.
Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese, Europe, Middle Eastern
Chef Ian
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