Private Chef Clayton GROS ISLET, Saint Lucia

Master of fusion cuisine

Personal Chef # 19659

Cooking style
My cooking style is made up from my experiences and travel in the industry and the techniques I picked up along the way from international chefs, married with a classical European training.
Chef Clayton found his culinary love in the same manner many people find love, accidentally. Born into a St. Lucian family that only saw food as a form of nutrition. Clayton’s only food memories was that of growing up on a farm with his grandparents and the nostalgia of the caribbean old country. At the age of fifteen he first dived into the culinary world by way of catering, a few years later ended up in the restaurant business working under some hard brass European chefs. In an environment most people would call stressful, Clayton found his calling in life. By the age of twenty-one Clayton had made it to the stressful top of the culinary ladder as a sous chef running an Italian restaurant. In 2012 and at the age of twenty-three, Clayton’s career went global as he set sail in the cruise industry as the youngest chef de parties on Disney cruise line, where he worked with over ninety-one different nationalities preparing international cuisine. After an unexpected injury he returned to St. Lucia to head up some of its most respectable hotel kitchens on the island. Early 2015, he moved to Belgium to stage at the highest level of the culinary world. The Michelin madness had begun. After a six-month stage in one and two Michelin star restaurants, he returned to the Caribbean as a private chef catering to billionaires clients on the isolated island of canouan. By early 2016, the culinary journey began a new as Clayton moved to south west Asia as a chef de cuisine for an African concept restaurant where he creates fusion African Latin dishes with a modern twist.
African, American, Asian, Caribbean, French, Fusion
Chef Clayton
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There are not enough stars to cover how absolutely wonderful he is! On time, wonderful food, then on the last night he made a fusion dinner after getting all 13 of us likes and dislikes, he nailed it! I was married to a chef that worked at the Four Seasons in NYC, so I know what I am talking about, you should use chef Clayton anytime you can, he is polite, professional and he is amazing in the kitchen and trust me that kitchen at the villa was a challenge but he made it work every night, he gets it done no matter what. Moll
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