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Private Chef Chloe Saint Lucia

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Personal Chef # 167

Cooking style
Fresh and full of flavor - I like to play with assorted and unexpected flavor mixes; flavors that don't normally occur to me. Although my training is based on French haute cuisine and I strongly believe in using local products, I like to sprinkle your experience with a little exoticism.
Food has always been one of the most important things in my life. From a young age, I have been fascinated by tastes and the ways to accentuate them. After graduating from Culinary School in St-Adèle, my passion took me to travel the world, and work in some of the best cuisines in Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East, where I have had the chance to work as a chef in world class hotels; winning some of the most prestigious culinary competitions along the way. I am inspired not only by the high-end food I was taught to cook, but also street foods and flavors, discovered in my many travels.
African, American, Asian, BBQ, Bio, Caribbean, Chinese, Decadent, Eastern Europe, Europe, French, Fusion, Greek, Health, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Molecular, Persian, Russian, Soul/Southern, Spanish, Terroir, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Chloe
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What would you like?

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