Private Chef Silvia Banbury, United Kingdom

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Personal Chef # 13878

Cooking style
I grew up in my grandma's kitchen. The smells of her tradicional home made food are my inspiration. I love the rich flavours of my culture and I really enjoy sharing it with the commensal.
Studied Hospitality and Catering in Seville, Spain. Functional skills and practical experience at RESTAURANTE EL ALABARDERO SEVILLA as a Commis Chef and Serveuse. For a brief period of time and as part of my training, I worked as a Demi Chef at a Primary School in Madrid. Currently working as a Nursery Chef.
Mexican, Spanish
Chef Silvia
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Mal del puerco

Mal del puerco

£ 28.75 /guest    5 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

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