Private Chef Remi La Fare-les-Oliviers, PROVENCE-ALPES-CôTE D'AZUR, France

French Chef: Fresh and tasty

Personal Chef # 3096

Cooking style
Most of my skills come from French style cuisine but with a lot of Asian style because of the time I spent working in China. Fusion and fresh touch. Simple and tasty!
Driving my own restaurant for 3 years now. Cook for 10 years before in many different countries. Came back to my hometown Aix en Provence, south of France!
Asian, French, Fusion, Italian, Mediterranean, Terroir
Chef Remi
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Scallops, Beef, and French pastry

Scallops, Beef, and French pastry

€ 82.80 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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