Private Chef Catalina Madrid, COMUNIDAD DE MADRID, Spain

food for happiness

Personal Chef # 19463

Cooking style
I was born in Madrid, with a traveler´s heart. Mexico, UK, Brazil, Italy, Germany,Venezuela, Portugal, Florida, Netherlands, Senegal, Tunisia are some of the countries I traveled to and made my home. All the different flavors found along the way are present in my cooking. I take pride in food for happiness, full of flavor and top notch produce.
Trained in Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian (Spain), I have been a private chef for 7 years. I work in Madrid and Gran Canaria, where I started my business, and wherever my clients will take me. I also divide my time between private dinners, showcookings, cookery workshops and media events.
Asian, BBQ, Fusion, Japanese, Latin, Mediterranean
Chef Catalina
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