Ibiza's greatest chefs are waiting to cook for you in the comfort of your home!


How it works

Our Personal chefs buy the freshest ingredients.

They cook in your kitchen and serve the meal.

The Chef cleans up after and leave discreetly.

Friend having dinner on the beach in ibiza

What is Miummium?

Miummium designs unique culinary experiences around the world for foodies. We get Chefs out of their formal work routine and into our client's kitchens so that they can have an interactive experience that is enriching for both. We offer our services in Ibiza and in over 20,000 cities internationally. Whether you wanna organize an intimate dinner with friends, a cooking class or a barbecue, we have everything it takes to make your event memorable. Good food and a great atmosphere are guaranteed.


How Does Miummium Work?

At Miummium, we are committed to uplifting your everyday life with an in-home culinary experience designed by a personal chef, which will cost you less than a night out at the restaurant. Choose your favorite type of cuisine, validate your chef's custom menu and we will take care of the rest. Find out more about MiumMium and Personal Chef Ibiza.

Here is how your Miummium chef creates value for you:

Grocery Shopping

Your personal Chef starts working for you before your event takes place. He makes sure to go to the grocery store and get all the freshest quality ingredients so that you can sit back and relax at home.

Cooking & Service

Your personal Chef takes care of cooking gourmet meals for you and he will serve each dish and explain the culture and inspiration behind it.


We can all agree that the worst part about organizing a dinner with friends and family is cleaning up afterward. Well, we make sure you don't have to lift a finger. That's right, your personal chef takes care of cleaning your kitchen and doing the dishes after your event so that you can get the best out of your experience.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Our prices are completely transparent and they include all applicable costs (food, chef's wage, service, transportation, and taxes). Tips are discretionary and never requested. Whatever budget you have in mind, we have a diverse selection of chefs and we will find one that adapts to your needs.


Enjoy a Unique Culinary Experience At Home

Being an island, Ibiza sources much of its ingredients from the Mediterranean and surrounding fertile areas. A lot of the products they use in their gastronomy is actually from the area so you can expect quality and fresh ingredients. When in Ibiza, you have to try the Sofrit Pagés, the Balearic sausages sobrassada and botifarra as well as their delicious seafood paellas.

All of our professional chefs have years of experience in the culinary industry and they've worked in some of the greatest hotels and restaurants around the world. For our chefs, getting out of their work kitchen and being able to cook in a private setting allows them to showcase their creativity and passion in a more personal way. This is a great way for clients and chefs to connect and learn from each other.

Private chef dinner in Ibiza

Discover the Best Chefs in Ibiza

Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a business party or a summer barbecue, food is the life of any event. Our personal Chefs will make sure to create an event that covers all your needs and prepare delicious dishes for you and your guests. Everything will be designed according to your guidelines. Enjoy your Private Chef Ibiza experience today!


Choose Your Personal Chef in Ibiza

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