Private Chef Steven Krefeld, NRW, Germany

Sear, sizzle, smell, TASTE!

Personal Chef # 18481

Cooking style
My cooking style ranges from homestyle to fine dining, anything in between. I am versatile in every aspect and always approach with an open mind to cater to the customer. I cook strictly from scratch and have hundreds of recipes of my own that I follow. If there are special dietary requests, I can and will respond with a dish that will certainly please the palate. When it comes to cooking for large volumes, I love to push the BBQ style foods, as they are diverse and can easily cater to many tastes, though, I can adapt to any situation, indoors or outdoors. I specifically cook from scratch, so there will be no pre-made packages of food served.....from mown spice blends to stocks, demiglace, sauces and so forth. My style, is the passion for food from the heart.
Over 25 years of experience cooking world ethnic foods (Regional American, French, Italian, Mexican, Oriental, German, Irish, Scottish, Regional Scandinavian, Pacific, Caribbean, Brazilian, Moroccan and many others). Versatile, creative, simple, elegant. Ability to cater to a variety of diets. Scratch cooking knowledge. Food and drink pairing. Cater from 1-200 people. Special events, private dinner parties, weddings, anniversaries, food delivery (lunches, dinners, appetisers, hors d'ouerves).
American, Asian, BBQ, Bio, Caribbean, Europe
Chef Steven
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