Private Chef Ligia Zürich, ZH, Switzerland

Food lover unafraid of hard work

Personal Chef # 28327

Cooking style
I'm international and flexible.My background and passion for travel is reflected in my cooking. When it comes to food I take multiply aspect of different cultures and fuses them to make your beautiful and delicious dish. I'm creative and love to try new things.
I honed my culinary skills through self-instruction, through various classes and through practical experience working in different restaurants.I have been cooking for friends and family since my young age but begin my professional career as a chef 2 years ago. I started working in a Basque restaurant then in a french restaurant in a 5 starts hotel, both in London.
American, Asian, Europe, Fusion, Japanese, Latin
Chef Ligia
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Mediterranean dinner party

Mediterranean dinner party

CHF 103.50 /guest    4 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

CHF To discuss    4 and more

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